Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's Personal, But It's Not Private

"Baptism is an outward reflection of an inner connection with God."  PN


We got to see 1,463 people take their next step in baptism at NewSpring on April 3rd!

Over fourteen HUNDRED people.  It's just so crazy good!

I'm so grateful to have a front row seat in what the Lord is doing in the church I love!  I never get tired of seeing people taking next steps in their walk with Christ.  And there's just something extra tender about seeing little ones be baptized.  

I cry every time.

Every.  Time.  

I can't help it.  It feels my heart up to the point that my eyes overflow with tears.  

I think it's because this Momma wants nothing more than to see these two kiddos dunked in the water one day!  

Y'all, when that day comes, my heart just might explode!  In all honesty, I can't think of anything better than knowing my children love the Lord and getting to see them take that step in baptism.  Nothing better.

I constantly pray that for Olivia and Davis both.

Jesus, I pray that everyday You are preparing their hearts for the day that they will fall in love with You.

And from that day forward, may they find their TRUTH, GUIDANCE, and IDENTITIES in only You.  Amen.

We played around with my camera yesterday.  Something I hardly ever do anymore.  Sad.

Bailey was NOT in the mood...hence the stink eye.  

He repeatedly ignored me on this one until I said, "Treat!"  Boy that shot his head around!

Davis taking a potty break off the front porch.  It happens.

Davis actually took these two pics of Olivia.  Go Little D!

Olivia took these two of D.  This is him playing dead...

And, you probably can't see it, but he's showing you an "inchie" worm on his stick.  Kid loves to find "inchie" worms (and put them in cups and bring them inside, and then they crawl out and escape to who knows where.  #InchieWormsInDaHouse.  Gross.)



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