Sunday, April 17, 2016

DIY Pool Towel Rack

We are on the home stretch with our screened porch/deck addition!  Here's what's left do do:

  • Contractor to install railings outside of screen (we'll be taking these off just as soon as we pass the inspection)
  • Concrete work to marry pool patio with new deck stairs
  • DIY skirted server/buffet/storage
Here's what I'm thinking for my server...

via Dixie Delights
We'll have shelves underneath for beach towels, sunscreen, and pool toys, and it will all be concealed with a burlap skirt!  Kev and I will be working on this today, and fingers crossed it will be a quick and easy project!

I worked on a little towel rack for the porch--a little spot for the kiddos to hang wet beach towels and such after getting out of the pool.  This was a super easy project that was less than 3 bucks with a scrap of 1x6, some coat hooks, and leftover chalkboard paint.

I cut my 1x6 to 23'' with the miter saw.

Then I measured and marked where the center of the board was so I could cut an arrow on one end.

On the opposite end of my board, I traced one of the triangles that I cut off above to make the tail of the arrow.

I used the jig saw to cut the triangle out of the tail.

Once that was done, I had an arrow!  I used 220 grit sandpaper and sanded that board in a flash!

Wiped it down with a tac cloth.

Then I marked where I wanted to secure my hooks and predrilled those holes.

After that, I slapped on a coat of chalkboard paint.

This is what Davis did while I worked!

Then he helped me with the second coat of paint.

Once everything was dry, I seasoned the board by rubbing a piece of chalk all over then erasing it...

I drew "POOL" on the board with a chalk marker and attached the hooks!  Done!

We've already put this little rack to good use.  Olivia and her friend next door got in the pool today (crazy! It's still way too cold!) and the hooks caught some wet towels and bathing suits!!  

Not bad for a few $$.



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