Thursday, February 12, 2015

Easy Peasy and Inexpensive Headboard

Our guest bedroom was still lacking a headboard the last time I posted about it here.

I wanted something inexpensive and temporary since I'm still hoping that Kevin and I will (one of these days when I can twist his arm) get a king size bed and move our queen up to this room.  

Today, I threw together a $13 solution!

I bought two 18" X 24" art canvases at $4.99 each and a pack of  two standard pillowcases at $2.99 (watch out, Big Spender!!) from Ollies.  

By the way, Davis had me laughing so hard on the way to Ollies...

Davis:  "Whur doe in?" (Where are we going?)

Me:  "To a store."

Davis:  "Wuch tore?"  (Which store?)

Me:  "Ollies."

Davis:  "Lollies?"

Me:  "Yes, baby, Ollies."

Davis:  "Lollies?"  
             With great disgust and in much too deep of a voice to be that of a 2 year old...

Me:  Laughing out loud!

I simply cut one pillowcase along the seams to get two identical pieces of fabric.

Then, I hot glued the fabric onto the canvas.

Super easy-peasy!!  If you're replicating this method, be sure your pillowcase is larger than your canvas.  I actually bought two different packs of pillowcases (the patterned ones I used and a solid pair because I couldn't decide in the store.)  Both packs said standard size, but the one I ended up using was WAY bigger than a standard size pillowcase which is probably why they ended up at Ollies (defects.)  But this worked to my advantage because I had ample fabric to glue to the back of the canvas frame.  Make sense?  

Oh, and I ironed the fabric before gluing it to the canvases.

So here's the bed before...

And here's the after...

For $13, it's totally workin' for me!  And it meets all my criteria:

  • Easy
  • Inexpensive
  • Temporary
Done.  Done.  And done!

I've hardly spent any $$$ on bringing this room together.  The "bed" is Kristina's old futon from her early college days.  The "nightstands" were a $12 DIY project.

The armoire is from my bedroom at Mama and Daddy's, and Mama picked up the chair at Salvation Army for me for $4 and some change!

I spent more on paint for the walls than I have on all the accessories, bedding, curtains, and headboard combined!  If and when we move our queen bed up to this room I do want to get nicer bedding for it, but until then, what we have now will work!  I know it doesn't look like a room that fell out of a Pottery Barn Catalogue, but for the minimal money that's been put into it, I think it looks pretty good!

Next on the to-do list is the Salvation Army chair!  

After all, I have a whole pillowcase left over that I need to put to good use!



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