Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back Hallway, Burlap Wreath, and Complicated Hair


I gave our back hallway a redo back before Thanksgiving.

It went from dark, brown-frown, dungeon...

to super bright and cheery...

I added the board and batten and freshened up the lower portion of the walls with Valspar's off-the-shelf semigloss white.  Semigloss because this is a high-traffic hallway with the laundry room, half bath, and garage entrance.  I wanted a paint that would be super easy to clean and would reflect lots of light since this hallway doesn't get any natural light.

The upper walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments in satin.  It's such a pretty color!!

This make over all started with this runner!  Mama and I found it at Home Goods for a steal of a deal!!  Mama said I just had to buy it.  She was confident I'd find a spot to use it!  Soooo glad she talked me into it!  


I may be a little late getting on the burlap wreath trend, but I just love them and have wanted one for the front door for a long time now.  I spent last weekend making one.  

You can make these pretty inexpensively if you shop right!  

Most of my supplies came from Michael's.  

  • 24" wire wreath frame - $4.99 (I used a coupon to get $5.00 off a $25 purchase, so I'm counting the wreath frame as FREE!)
  • 4 rolls of burlap garland - was Buy One Get One Free so $3.50 per roll
  • 1 roll of holiday burlap garland (not pictured) - I found this in the holiday clearance section.  I could only find one roll, otherwise I would have bought lots more!  It was 80% off which made it $2 and some change.  It is a looser weave than the garland pictured below and has a very thin gold foil ribbon running through it.  I added it to the wreath just to add a little extra sparkle and texture!
  • Wooden "WELCOME" sign and black metal "C" came out of the dollar bins (which, by the way, are no longer dollar bins.  They're now the $1.50 bins.  What the heck!?!)  

There are lots of tutorials out there for making these wreaths.  I used this tutorial on YouTube because it was simple, short, and super easy to follow!  If you're making one for yourself, you'll also need wire to secure the burlap to the frame.  I already had some on hand.  I also had the green and natural colored burlap ribbon on hand (got these at HomeDepot of all places in their after Halloween clearance for $1.00 per roll) and used these to make the bow!

I ended up running out of burlap (holy burlap, batman!  A 24" wreath frame takes A LOT of burlap!!) so I picked up a blooming hydrangea bush from Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  I just took the bush apart and hot glued/wired the individual blooms and leaves to the wreath frame. 

I didn't end up using the "Welcome" sign.  And I painted the "C" with gold leaf Rub-n-Buff (that I already had) because the black "C" just got lost on our black front door.  The gold matches better with the house numbers and door hardware, anyway.  Plus it looks really good with the gold foil burlap ribbon in the wreath (it doesn't really show up in these cell phone pics.)

So with everything added up, I spent about $28 on a 24" wreath!  Now, I went with a BIG wreath frame because I wanted a BIG, FULL, FLUFFY wreath.  Our house sits a good distance off from the road, and I've found that a standard 18" wreath gets lost and doesn't have a "presence" from the road. This wreath, though, packs a BIG PUNCH, which is exactly what I wanted!


Thanks for this, Mama!  If anyone knows my pain, it's YOU!!

I wore my hair curly yesterday.  When I picked up Olivia from school yesterday afternoon, the FIRST thing she said to me was, "Mommy, your hair looks CRAZY today!"  To which I said, "Tread very carefully, Little Girl.  Your day is coming, My Dear."



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