Saturday, December 27, 2014

Commandments or Promises?

Before I get into documenting our Christmas festivities, there's something I've. just. gotta. share.

NewSpring's Christmas Eve service was...was...well...I really just don't have the words.  

It's a game changer for sure.  

We actually went to the Tuesday night Christmas service (one of the 74  Christmas services NewSpring held all over the state of SC!) and it was a wonderful message of hope and how life is better when Jesus is at the center.

But God really changed things up for the Wednesday Christmas Eve service.  We watched online, and I was BLOWN A-WAY.  

Lean in close here.....this is too important to get wrong.  My relationship with Jesus isn't just so that my eternal life will be better--you know, the whole going to heaven instead of hell thing (although that is true.  John 6:47 says, "The one who believes has eternal life.")


My relationship with Jesus makes THIS life better.  My life TODAY.  NOW.  


Because of His promises.  Promises of Hope.  Rest.  Peace.  Contentment.  And the list goes on.

And, by the way, God is a promise keeper.  It's what He does and has always done.  He's BIG ENOUGH to carry through on His promises.  Each and every one!  Each and every time!

My relationship with Jesus isn't about keeping a list of His commandments.

It's about RECEIVING His promises.

I can't wait for you to watch it!  (The sermon starts 24 mins and 30 seconds into the video if you want to skip through the music.)

Y'all, this is too important to get wrong.

Commandments or Promises?



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