Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Froggy Birthday Party: Davis Turns Two!

Davis turned the BIG 2 last week, and we celebrated in "froggy" fashion on Saturday with a house full of family and friends!

Olivia and I made the "Hoppy Birthday" bunting banner.  We picked up a pack of multi-shaded, green card stock from Michaels (to go along with our green frog theme) along with felt frog stickers and mini clothespins.  I cut out triangles for the bunting, and Olivia punched two holes in each triangle.  We threaded some black yarn that I already had on hand through each hole.  I used an extra-wide, white chalk marker to draw on the letters and outlined each letter in black "stitching" with a black marker (though it doesn't show up in the pics.)  Then Olivia helped me hot glue the felt frog stickers to the clothes pins.  We finished it all up by pinning the frogs to each triangle.  It made for a fun and easy project that Olivia was delighted to help with !

I ordered the mini frog beach balls from Amazon!  We had them scattered along the front walkway and on the front porch to greet party guests!  They also made an appearance on the dining room table as decorations!  As an added bonus, Davis' friends took them home as party favors (but somehow I'm still left with a stack of them in the garage...hum???)

All the kiddos spent the afternoon playing hard!

Davis L.O.V.E.D. his Power Wheelz Arctic Cat....well, until he found that it moves!  

Olivia sure had a blast on it!!

It took Davis until Sunday to actually ride on it!  But now he loves it!  He's still not interested in driving himself, but he loves to ride around the yard with Olivia!  It's soooooo funny to watch them!

Davis had a blast with all his friends!

Thank you to everyone who came to make D's birthday so "hoppy" and sweet!



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