Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Days of Summer & A Teacher's Gift

Where oh where has summer gone?  

We've been feverishly trying to mark a few last minute items off our "Summer To Do List."  One such activity was visiting the Children's Museum in Greenville.  Olivia has been asking to go all summer long, so I thought it was high time we make the trip! 

 As it turned out, we picked the perfect day to go!  We pretty much had the place to ourselves which meant no waiting to see/try out the exhibits!  These two kiddos tackled 3 floors of nothing but fun. Fun.  FUN!!

Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, we decided to go to the Clemson Botanical Gardens to meet Kevin for a picnic lunch!  Y'all know how we love a good picnic!!  After we downed some Wendy's, we ventured off the main paths for a stroll through the woods.  

And now, with the first day of school just a few days away, Olivia will be going to meet her teachers tonight at Open House.  We put together these "sweet" little gifts for Olivia to present to her Kindergarten teachers!  

These Mason jar cups can be found just about anywhere these days.  I happened to pick these two  up on clearance at the dreaded WalMart.  We picked up these Organic Fruit Chews at TJ Maxx, and they make the perfect "stuffing" for the cups!  The tags are courtesy of Dixie Delights.  Tie it all up with some bakers twine, and it makes for a quick and simple gift!

I'm off to round up these two crazy kiddos.  We've been playing outside just about all day soaking up every last drop of summer va-ca.  Time to get cleaned up and head to open house!



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