Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of K...

...Kindergarten that is!

Olivia requested Mickey Mouse pancakes, bacon, and fruit for breakfast to which I said, "You've got it, sweet girl!"

Olivia was super chatty all morning before we left the house.  I'm sure it was nervous chatter!  Once we got to school and found her class inside the auditorium, she was all smiles, but I could tell she was  a little uneasy.  In spite of the nerves, she did great!  No tears (from Olivia, me or Kevin!)  We all held strong!  Once she found a seat next to another girl in her class, Kevin and I waved goodbye and left.  This stuff isn't easy, y'all!

Olivia's sweet teacher brought her to the car this afternoon and said Olivia had a really great day (other than shedding a few tears right at dismissal time.)  Apparently, things got a little chaotic shifting around bus riders, car riders and daycare riders what with it being the first day and all, and the upheaval was a little too much for little girl.  I'm sure that will work itself out in the next day or two.  But once she was in the car and we were on our way home, she was all smiles as she recounted the day!  

Of course, we couldn't let this milestone pass us by without at least a little party!   So while Olivia was off at school, Kevin, Davis and I went to the Dollar Tree to round up some festive decorations!

Olivia had lots of surprises waiting on her from Nana and Grandma and Mommy and Daddy!

Thank you, Nana, for the sweet card and oh so girlie notebook!

And thank you, Grandma, for the books and gift cards!

Here's hoping the rest of Olivia's week is just as smooth as today!



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