Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Time flies when you're having fun!

We had a jam-packed 3-day weekend!

We were up and at 'em early Saturday morning with yard work which also consisted of driving 200 fertilizer stakes in the ground to feed a row of leyland cypress trees in our back yard.  Yikes!

Don't mention it to Kevin.  His quads are still recouping!!

Late Saturday afternoon, my fam came over for dinner and a pool party!  We feasted on Kevin's grilled burgers, Mama's baked beans, my bro-in-law's baked potato casserole, and, a favorite among Kevin and me, Grilled Panzanella!  For dessert, Mama brought chocolate eclair which has been an absolute favorite of mine since childhood!  Every bite was out-of-this-world fantastic!

Sunday was a BIG celebration day around these parts!  Not only did we celebrate one GREAT Daddy, but it was also Kev's birthday!!

Kevin took Monday off, so, again, we were up and at 'em early headed to Lake Keowee with a picnic lunch in tow!

Davis wasn't much interested in swimming with the rest of us, so he chilled on the boat and knocked back a couple of cold ones.  (Sierra Mist, that is!)

Kevin whipped me around on the tube.  He tried his best to knock me in the air, but I dug deep and held on!

It was a long, fun-filled weekend!  The kiddos were comatose on the drive home!



Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Quick Biltmore Getaway

Kevin and I slipped out on Saturday for a quick, overnight trip to one of our all-time favorite places, Biltmore Estate!  Love.  Love!

This was our first night away since before Davis was born (he's now 20 months old) so it was a looooonnnggg overdue trip!

We really do adore staying at The Inn.  It's pure bliss!

Here's just a peak of The Inn as we meandered up the winding roads on the Estate.  Aaaaaahh!  It was calling my name!

The moment we checked in, we soaked up this view from the veranda just off The Inn's lobby.  

This was our 6th blissful time staying at The Inn.  The accommodations never disappoint, and these beds are like sleeping on a cloud!

My eyes didn't pop open until 9:00am this morning!  That's right, peeps!  9 o'clock!  

I was like Kate Winslet in The Holiday!

We hiked to the top of the esplanade where I told Kevin to strike a pose.  This is his 1998 prom pose.  

Hey, Kevin!  1998 called and wants its pose back!

So this is his "I don't know how to pose" pose...

This is my "Kate Winslet" pose (again, from The Holiday)....

Kate Winslet in The Holiday. Source.

Back at The Inn, we hung out in a couple of adirondak chairs and took in the peace and the view!

We had dinner Saturday night in the Dining Room at The Inn.  

And after diner, we enjoyed a fireworks show which from a sunset wedding back over at the house.

Lobby at The Inn.  

Just before we left the estate today, we took a quick breeze through the first floor of the house and spent some time lounging on the back logia.  Again, pure bliss!

We count ourselves pretty blessed to have one of our favorite places on earth just in our "back door!"  Huge hugs to Nana for staying with the little ones so Kevin and I could get away for a bit.  It was so nice, and Kevin and I both savored each. and. every. minute. of it!



Friday, June 6, 2014

Ephesians 1:19-20

I am taking on a new Bible Study with a pretty amazing group of gals!  Their love for Jesus is down right inspiring, and I. can't. wait. to see what God's gonna do over these next weeks!  I'm so very grateful for my friend, A, who is stepping out of her comfort zone to lead this thing!  You're so great, A!!

We'll be adventuring through this intense, 10-week study on Believing God!  Not just believing in God, but actively and continually believing him.

Two totally different things.

We're only four days in, and already God is expanding my heart.

I just love how He does stuff like that!

So here's what God rocked me with.  It's straight from Paul.


Paul isn't using the word "believe" here to mean belief in Jesus that leads to salvation.  If you're a Christian, you've been there, done that.

My study has taught me that taking this "believe" back to the Greek (it's a present active participle) actually means a continual and repeated belief.  


So read that verse again and put continually before believe.

Totally changes it, right!?!

Paul is saying that we will understand God's incredible and great power when we continually and repeatedly believe Him.

I want that reward!

To get it, I have to continually and repeatedly believe with ASSURANCE AND CONFIDENCE:

  1. God is who he says he is
  2. God can do what he says he can do
  3. I am who God says I am
  4. I can do all things through Christ
  5. God's word is alive and active in me
Believe this.  Over and over and over and over and over.......day after day after day after day....

Only then will I understand His power--the same power that raised JC from the dead!

Following Jesus is more than believing in him.

It's about believing Him.