Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things are Winding Down

The countdown has begun to Olivia's last day of 4K!

Last week was a jam-packed week of review, so to make it fun, her class had Silly Dress-Up Week!

Monday was Nerd Day...

Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day...

Wednesday was Cowgirl/Cowboy Day...

Thursday was Favorite Team Day...(Go Tigers!!)

And they finished off the week with Superhero Day which I failed to get a picture of.  :-(

Olivia also finished up her second year of ballet last week with recitals both Thursday and Friday nights.  Recital week makes for a crazy busy week what with afternoon stage rehearsals and evening dress rehearsals on top of two nights of recital.  

Olivia is such a natural, and she has no problem getting out on stage and performing in front of an auditorium of people!  She is a STAR!

Only five more days of school left, and, trust me, we are counting down the days!!



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