Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Man alive!  The Memorial Day weekend was such a tease!  This is Olivia's last week of school, and it was sooooooo H.A.R.D. to get up this morning!

So while Olivia was at school today, Davis and I hit up a few stores to round up a couple of teachers' gifts.

Olivia wanted to get Mrs. Tammy a little something.  She's not Olivia's teacher, but she was the one to greet Olivia every morning, walk her to her classroom, and bring her out to the car at pick-up time.  She's been so sweet and loving to Olivia all year, and so we came up with this little oldie but goodie to thank Mrs. Tammy.

The reusable cup is from Walmart (uggggghhh...yes, I went to the dreaded Walmart) and we filled it with packs of Starbucks Refreshers for a quick summer drink!

Olivia's teacher's gift is all about ice cream!  Yum!

It all started when I spotted this white, metal caddy at Target.  I thought about filling it with picnic essentials, but decided against the "picnic theme" since not everybody loves picnics as much as we do.  Surely EVERYBODY loves ice cream!!

I snagged the "summer/beach" napkins, the clear ice cream bowls, and the sugar cones at The Dollar Tree.  The cute ice cream scoop, Breyers Ice Cream Sprinkles, and Breyers Hot Fudge Sauce are from the dreaded Walmart.

I tied everything with red and white bakers string and red and white ribbon left over from Olivia's 3rd birthday party.  The "You're A Sweet Teacher" printable is here.  It's actually a Valentine printable, but it works perfectly for this gift!  I hope Olivia's teacher likes it!  

Only 2 more school days to go!



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