Monday, May 12, 2014

A Little of This and A Little of That.

Since my last post was way back just after Easter, I thought it was high time to get things caught up around here.

So here's a peak at what's been going on since then!

Olivia broke in the pool on April 25th!  Let's just say the water was ICE cold.  She insisted on getting in, so I just let it happen.  I pick my battles.

Olivia went to the Allergist to have some allergy testing done.  Back in February, she had a pretty severe reaction to what we thought was Nutella.  Turns out it wasn't Nutella.  In fact, she doesn't seem to be allergic to any nuts which is great, but we still don't know what caused the reaction.  That's bad.

Kevin took Olivia to her appointment, and we stayed in contact via text the whole time.  

Olivia got very nervous and started crying, so I sent her this pic to make her giggle.  It worked!!

We took the boat out to break it in for the summer!  Davis LOVES the boat!  He HATES the life vest!

We put out 40 bales of pine needles.  I got a sunburn.  The yard is ready for spring!

We went to a friend's graduation party this past Saturday night.  

Olivia picked out her entire outfit and insisted on wearing the boots.  Davis doesn't do much these days without his hat, so it was a given it would be part of his ensemble.  This was a moment of "Mama picking her battles!"

We had a lovely Mother's Day.  I didn't take a single picture just because it was a nonstop day!  Kevin went out early to get breakfast for us, so we had a lovely family breakfast before I jetted out the door to get to church early.  Kevin and the kiddos later met me at 10:00 so we could attend the Mother's Day service as a family, and after the service, it was back home to get things set up for lunch!  Mama and Daddy and Allison, Randy, Sarah and Bradley all came, and we enjoyed a delightful lunch followed by  shenanigans in the pool!  Once everybody left, the four of us were in the pool, hanging out, having fun!  So much so, that I crashed on the couch at 9:30 last night!  It was a nonstop day of fun (and a nonstop week, for that matter, hence Mama's early evening crash!)

Nana brought these purple Princess Sofia slippers for Olivia, but, as you can see, Davis took them over!  Apparently, princess slippers are a necessity for cutting the grass!

The last day of school is just around the corner for Olivia, so her 4K class is celebrating by having silly dress-up days this week.  We kicked off this week with Nerd Day!  If you remember, I passed out early last night, so we didn't prepare Olivia's "nerd" outfit.  We threw this ensemble together literally 4 minutes before running out the door.  She's a pretty cute little nerd! 

Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day!  She's got that one in the bag!  Have you met her Mama!?!

So that's just a little of this and a little of that.  It's just how we roll!



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