Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Olivia Celebrates the BIG 5!!

She's half-way to double digits.

She's a third of the way to 15.


A St. Paddy's Day baby.

We celebrated one special little girl all day long yesterday!

I took princess cupcakes to school for Olivia's class party.  Her teacher was so sweet to send Olivia home with a balloon and special "Birthday Girl Ribbon" to wear all day!  And Olivia's friends in her class made her this oh so sweet birthday card!

Davis and I worked hard on decorating the dinning room "princess style" while Olivia was at school.  We wanted her to be super surprised when she came home!

We basically spent the day doing whatever Olivia's heart desired.  That included playing LOTS of Princess Candy Land!

The birthday girl chose to dine at Chick-Fil-A for dinner (although I did put up a pretty good fight to change her mind to Olive Garden.)  I'm pretty sure if Olive Garden had a playground, it would have won out.  (I can just see all the germs crawling around on those steps.  Yack!)

After some good ol' Christian Chicken, we headed home for a pink and purple princess party and presents!

Please don't judge, but let me just throw out this disclaimer for the next picture...I did not fix my hair at all all day.  I just let it go all nat-u-ral after I showered, and y'all know that is a scary thing!

The good news is that the festivities aren't over yet!  We still have this in our very near future!



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