Monday, March 24, 2014

The Celebration Continues...

We continued to celebrate Olivia's birthday right through the weekend!  I'm telling you, this was the birthday that just wouldn't end!

We, of course, celebrated the BIG FIVE last Monday since it was Olivia's actual birthday.  Then we also had big plans for the weekend.

It just so happened that Disney Jr. Live came to town the weekend following Olivia's birthday!  Months ago, when I discovered this, I presented a couple of options to Olivia:

  1. We could have a big birthday party with all her friends and family like we do every year
  2. We could have a sleepover party with cousin Sarah and go see Disney Jr. Live
Olivia chose option #2, and I thought, "YEAH!  Easy peasy for me!"  Not that it's about me.  It was Olivia's birthday, so it was all about her.  Buuuuuuuuuuttttt option #2 meant I was off the hook as far as  a party was concerned!  

Little did I know that option #2 would be just as exhausting as throwing a big party.

HA!  Live.  And.  Learn.

And it wasn't because the girls were any trouble.  They are quite good friends and play very well together.  It was the fact that it was a CRAZY BUSY week coupled with Kevin being out of town, and then we tried to cram too much into the weekend.

I literally feel like I spent all week running around with my hair on fire and just trying to keep up!

That's not how I like to function.  I like to stay ahead of the game.

So we went to pick Sarah up Saturday afternoon, and the girls spent the rest of the day doing what girls do!

We had a pizza party for dinner.  The girls got to make their very own homemade pizza to share!  Of course, they thought this was just the cat's meow!

And after dinner, we partied with a princess cake and ice cream! 

The girls opened princess goodie bags stuffed with princess flashlights, princess kites, Doc McStuffins paint sets and crafts, and Grandma sent the most adorable purses stuffed with cash for the girls to buy whatever their hearts desired at Disney Jr. the next day!

After lots and lots of playing and giggling, the girls settled in their PJs and did a little painting.

Sunday was the day of the big show!!  Here's Olivia and Sarah on the way to the Bon Secours Arena!

Since I knew Princess Sofia would be making a grand appearance, I picked up these Sofia light-up bracelets at Walgreens when I spotted them weeks ago.  I tucked them out of sight and surprised the girls with them after we found our seats.  Then the girls wanted to buy cotton candy with their $$$ from Grandma!

These crowns came with the bags of cotton candy, so we decorated them with stickered jewels while we waited for the show to start!

And since I just couldn't get any good pics with my iPhone during the show, I pulled these off the World Wide Web just for memory's sake!



Source.'ll NEVER believe what we did when we got home!  We had yet another little soiree with Nana (thanks again for coming to watch baby-D for us) and with Aunt Allison, Uncle Randy and Bradley once they came to pick up Sarah!

Ooooooohhh, and lots of love and hugs for Nana!  She brought us a delish dinner that included Pizza Casserole (dang, it was good!) salad, garlic bread, homemade cheesecake with strawberries, and even Morning Glory Muffins (is that what they're called, Mama??) for breakfast the next day!  

Life.  Saver. 

Here we are enjoying our dinner!

Kevin and I put the kiddos to be EARLY, and I SAT DOWN with my piece of cheesecake and a cup of decaf coffee and relished in the stillness and quietness after a fun (but crazy) and special (but long) week!  

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a HUGE and LOVING thank you to my sweet hubby for keeping the three kiddos entertained all by himself Sunday morning so I could lead a class at church!  It was a last minute change in plans, and Kevin never hesitated stepping up so that I could be present where God has placed me!  Love that about him!

And just for kicks, this week is Parent Watch Week at Olivia's dance studio which just means the parents get to sit in on the dance rehearsal.  I didn't get to stay the whole time.  I had to excuse myself and take Davis outside because he insisted on screaming, "O-yea-ya!" (Olivia) and causing a mighty disruption to the class because THAT'S.  WHAT.  HE.  DOES.



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Olivia Celebrates the BIG 5!!

She's half-way to double digits.

She's a third of the way to 15.


A St. Paddy's Day baby.

We celebrated one special little girl all day long yesterday!

I took princess cupcakes to school for Olivia's class party.  Her teacher was so sweet to send Olivia home with a balloon and special "Birthday Girl Ribbon" to wear all day!  And Olivia's friends in her class made her this oh so sweet birthday card!

Davis and I worked hard on decorating the dinning room "princess style" while Olivia was at school.  We wanted her to be super surprised when she came home!

We basically spent the day doing whatever Olivia's heart desired.  That included playing LOTS of Princess Candy Land!

The birthday girl chose to dine at Chick-Fil-A for dinner (although I did put up a pretty good fight to change her mind to Olive Garden.)  I'm pretty sure if Olive Garden had a playground, it would have won out.  (I can just see all the germs crawling around on those steps.  Yack!)

After some good ol' Christian Chicken, we headed home for a pink and purple princess party and presents!

Please don't judge, but let me just throw out this disclaimer for the next picture...I did not fix my hair at all all day.  I just let it go all nat-u-ral after I showered, and y'all know that is a scary thing!

The good news is that the festivities aren't over yet!  We still have this in our very near future!