Monday, February 3, 2014

Guest Suite: In the Middle of Things

We've been working on our guest bedroom and bathroom over the past week.  The guest suite is far from finished, but there has been big progress.

Here's how the guest room looked a few months ago (yellow walls, grody ceiling fan and all!):

And this is the guest room today...

So far, I've painted the ceiling and Kevin installed a new ceiling fan.  Three walls are painted Benjamin Moore China White, and the wall behind the bed is Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue.

Like I said, the room is far from finished.  I'm bouncing around some ideas about what to do for some sort of "headboard" behind the bed.  The curtain valances aren't finished.  I bought 84" panels for this room (as you can see in the before picture) but they weren't long enough to hang above the window trim.  So I debated ways I could lengthen them, but I ultimately decided to turn one of the panels into 2 valances.  I still need to put the finishing touch on them.  So I'm left with a full panel to do with as I please.  I may use it as a shower curtain in the adjoining bath (or not...I don't know yet.)  And I've purchased the supplies to make 2 side tables for the bed (for about $12 each!)  

Now for the adjoining bathroom.  I didn't take any pictures before I started, so here's the "in-progress" stage (mess and all)...

You can't tell from these bad pictures, but the walls in the bathroom are a lighter version of the yellow that was in the bedroom.  All of it was painted in FLAT paint which I despise!!!  Flat paint absolutely sucks all the light out of a room, AND it CANNOT BE CLEANED!  It's a pet peeve of mine.  I use nothing less than a satin for my walls because (#1)if it gets scuffed or dirty, it can be wiped down, and (#2) the satin gives just enough sheen to reflect light around the room.  WIN!  WIN!

So far, I've painted the ceiling the same Van Courtland Blue as in the bedroom, and Kevin and I have started to hang beadboard wallpaper.  It's the same Allen + Roth Beadboard Wallpaper I used in Olivia's bathroom in our old house.  

The wallpaper is only about half way finished.  Once it's all hung, I like to caulk around where the paper meets the crown molding and the base boards, and I also caulk all the seams.  The directions don't say anything about caulking, but I did it in our old house to make the seams and ends look more finished (since I'm not a professional wallpaper installer, I had some boo-boos to cover up!)  Plus, in my mind, I'm thinking if all the seams are caulked, it will prevent steam from showers from getting behind the paper and causing it to peel off in the future (although, this bathroom isn't used on a regular basis for showers and such.)  The final step will be to paint the wallpaper in a Semi-Gloss White.  I can't wait to have this finished!  I adore the look of white beadboard walls and a blue ceiling!

I'll post more pictures when things are further along!



Click here to see completed guest bathroom.
Click here to see completed guest bedroom.

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