Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our New Year and Some Paint

Oh how I dread school starting back.  Kevin has had lots of time off, and we have all enjoyed sleeping in and staying in our PJs for the majority of the days!  It's been so nice, and I certainly don't look forward to hectic mornings and spending an hour and 20 minutes in the car everyday hauling Olivia to and from school.  Ugggggggghhhh.

We had a nice enough New Year.  I'm not complaining by any means, but I'm glad it's over!!  It's the whole "when it rains it pours" debacle.  I suppose it all started on Christmas Eve-Eve when we came home from church to find water in the kitchen floor.  Upon further inspection, Kevin found our garbage disposal to be busted.  So Kevin spent Christmas Eve morning at Lowes purchasing a new disposal, and then bringing that beauty home and installing it.  (Count that Round 1.)

Both Olivia and Davis have been sick this holiday.  Olivia woke up on Christmas day a little horse, and things went down hill from there.  She ran a fever for 4 days and just laid around not feeling well, then seemed to be better for a day or two.  And BAM!  Out of nowhere, had a fever of 103.6.  It's been the craziest virus.  Baby D is still battling it.  No more fever but still "gunky" and wheezy.  

Kevin and Olivia took their annual outing to the fireworks store to get fireworks.  She was sooooo excited to shoot them, but she and D both had fevers New Years Eve night, so it was a NO GO for fireworks.  (Round 2)  Fortunately, everyone felt well enough to shoot fireworks the night of New Years Day.  We bundled up and enjoyed the magnificent show!  Olivia really know how to pick 'em!

And on January 2nd we mourned the loss of our hot water heater.  (Round 3).  The funny thing is, Kevin had just replaced both the garbage disposal AND hot water heater in our old house shortly before we sold it, and we've had to do the same in the short 9 months we've been in this house.  Go figure!

So all that aside, we are spending this weekend tackling Davis's room.  It's been on the "To Do List" since move in day.  The light mint green color just didn't suit the little guy and just made me cringe a little every time I walked in there.  

We have temporarily relocated Davis into the guest room while we finish things up.  

If anyone needs a hand with painting, Olivia is available!  In her own words, "It's fun to paint because you get to paint with paint!"

Yesterday, I got all the moldings cleaned, took down the blinds and scrubbed them down in the bathtub,  and wiped down all the doors.  With the addition of new paint, the room is oh so squeaky clean!  The blue color is Eddie Bauer Shale from Lowes, and the white is just Valspar's White in Satin straight off the shelf.  We're going to install board and batten on the lower 3/4 of the wall.  

So that's our progress so far.  It seems as though we just did this for Davis's room.  

Oh.  Wait.

We did!

And I LOVED THAT ROOM!  It was a labor of love, and leaving that sweet bedroom behind was the hardest part about leaving our old house.  



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