Saturday, December 7, 2013

YMCA Reindeer Run: Another 5K!

This morning marked the 13th annual Reindeer Run here at our local YMCA!  

I had the pleasure of running with these gals, my friends K and P!  We ran over the river and through the woods jingling all the way!

Once again, my friend P placed taking home the 2nd place award in her age group!  Go P!!  

Despite the drizzle of rain, we all finished strong!  I don't even know yet what my chip time was.**  I'm hoping it will be posted by tomorrow.  When it was all over, we dined on Christian Chicken and coffee!!

Thanks again, P, for my rockin' Santa footies!  

Now, I'm off to find the Advil for this ol' leg that just doesn't want to keep up!



**Update:  Chip time was 31.16 minutes!

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