Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Last Christmas Celebration and a Project

Christmas is officially over for us.

We celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday afternoon.  A big poo-wee goes out for whatever little virus Olivia picked up.  She's been running a fever for the last few days, so she and Kevin stayed home yesterday while Davis and I went to Mama and Daddy's.  We sure missed them.  But, in true Daddy style, Olivia enjoyed her very own pizza party with Daddy and Mickey!

Meanwhile, Davis and I hung out at Nana and Papa's eating, opening gifts and all around just having a jolly ol' time!

I'm happy to report that Olivia is feeling much better today!  

Kevin tackled a little project in the playroom all afternoon and we also did a MAJOR cleaning/purging as well.  We boxed up all the "baby-baby" toys and put them in the attic.  They'll come back out to be sold in a consignment sale this spring.  

We had a dead space behind the door that opens into the playroom.  It was once a hall closet but was converted into somewhat of an "entryway" into the bonus room when the previous owners finished off the space.  They basically took the hall closet and blew out a doorway through the back of the closet to access the bonus room.  It's a little awkward, but it works (quite clever, in fact.)  So we were left with a large area behind the door that was just screaming for shelves which is what Kevin did today!  I designed it, and Kevin made it happen!

It has hanging space for Olivia's dress-up dresses and cubbies for lots of shoes and accessories! (A little girl's dream!)

One shelf is dedicated to somewhat of a dressing table.  You know, jewelry, bags, makeup!

And the upper shelves are for larger toys.

I love home improvement!

Everything is tidy and organized, and it's now a room that we can enjoy spending time in. 

Now how long will these two keep it that way?!?



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