Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

We Tricked and Treated long after the sun went down!

Our first stop was at Publix (yes, we Trick-or-Treated at Publix!) with friends Ninja Turtle, Captain America and Genie!  Olivia was Prin-CESS Strawberry Shortcake which is totally made up but Olivia insisted on wearing a tiara with her dress...go figure!  And Davis was Mickey Mouse.

And the "horse trick-or-treaters" stole the show!  Apparently they are a staple around here at Halloween since all the neighbors seemed to be expecting them!  They followed us from house to house all around the 'hood just galloping and moseying along up and down driveways!  It was THE most awesome thing!  I just HAD to get a pic of them!

Davis was a real trooper.  He made it to about 6 houses, but, with hardly a nap to speak of all day, Kevin had to head back home with him and put him straight to bed.  Olivia and I finished up the neighborhood in time to get back home to give out candy to a few of our own trick-or-treaters!  



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