Sunday, November 17, 2013

Electric City Glow Run: My First 5K!!

A personal victory!!  My first 5K!!

Saturday night marked the first annual Electric City Glow Run which benefitted Take Heart, a non-proffit that exists to connect churches and businesses to 3rd world communities to provide basic necessities of life and bring the life changing power of the gospel of Jesus. 

About 300 runners came out for the cause!  It was a blast!

Olivia wished me lots of luck before I headed out!  (Before I left, she whispered to me that she wished she could go and watch me run.  *Too sweet!*)  But, unfortunately, the 5K started after after Olivia's bedtime.

This is my friend P!  She's a running machine!

And, as a bonus, P won first place in her age group (which is the "under 30s," of course!! ;) Right, P?!)   P finished at 29 minutes and some seconds.  PLUS, P won a raffle drawing and got herself a free round of golf for 4 peeps!!  Double winner!

Aaaannnnd....double bonus....I didn't leave empty handed either!  I won a round of golf for Kevin and the guys!  (You're welcome Keith, Tickle and John!!)  Kevin didn't even have to show up OR sweat and he came out a big winner!! 

I had a lot of fun, and it was the perfect first race for me--everybody was laid back and having fun was the name of the game!  I ended up crossing the finish line at 32.3 minutes!  Daddy even made the trip out to watch me which was super sweet!  He kinda jokingly asked me, "Now, you're going to finish in under an hour, right?"  HAHAHAAAA!  "Yes, Daddy.  If I'm not back in 35 minutes, come look for me!" :)



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  1. Congratulations! So proud of you and what a great cause!