Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Love the Fall (And Happy Cows!)

What a beautiful fall day today!  Blue sky.  Cool breeze.  It restores my soul!  

It was an especially beautiful morning for my run!  Not a cloud in the sky!  Nice and cool.  In fact, at one point my fingertips were a little cold!  By the time I got back home, Olivia was out on the front porch in her pajamas standing on a stool she brought from inside and singing her little heart out!  Once she saw me, of course, the singing stopped, and we just played!  Right there in the dewey the front yard... Olivia in her PJs and bare feet!  Aaahhhhhh....fall in the south!

Since Kevin spent the day in Charlotte with friends, Olivia, Davis and I loaded up after lunch and went to the Happy Cow Creamery!  We said hello to the cows!

**Notice Davis with NO shoes.  Boy won't keep shoes (or socks for that matter) on his feet for nothin'.  I don't know what we'll do when it gets cold.

We picked up some Happy Cow Chocolate Milk, Happy Cow Whole Milk and Happy Cow Vanilla Ice Cream!  Olivia has had about a half of a gallon of the chocolate milk today!  That's good stuff!

After we got home and while Davis napped this afternoon, Olivia and I made a bee-line for the outside AGAIN to soak up every ounce of the gorgeous weather!!  We played baseball and soccer in the front yard!  Then we checked the pool for frogs (Olivia loves to find live ones in the skimmers even though she's totally grossed out by them!)  Then Olivia had the bright idea to go swimming!  WHAT??!!  I know.  She's crazy!  I stuck my feet in and did some reading while she swam.  The water was way too cold for me!!!  But Olivia didn't seem to feel the cold!  She had a good time!

So....that was the "glass half full" part of the day!  Just to keep things real, I must mention all the chaos that happened amidst the bliss.  I left a coffee mug on the side table in the living room that was half full of cold coffee.  Davis found it and spilled it on the rug.  GREAT!  Fast forward.  While we were in the store at Happy Cow, Davis was determined to break free from his restraints in the stroller all while yelling red-faced at the top of his lungs.  Oh, and he repeatedly tried to knock all the jars of jams, salsas and pickled okra off the shelves, too.  Olivia lost her brain immediately upon getting in the car to leave Happy Cow because Davis was again yelling at the top of his lungs.  Olivia then flung her purple purse at Davis and me as I was buckling him into his carseat and out flew paperclips, binder clips and thumb tacks.  (WHAT!?!  I have no words.)  Literally, 2 thumb tacks went down the legs of Davis' shorts (could have gone terribly wrong.)  So Olivia got a spanking right there in the car in the parking lot of Happy Cow.  This all took place with both back car doors open.  Davis was crying.  Olivia was crying.  The cows were MAD!  I'm yelling to myself, "What an idiot I am for trying to go ANYWHERE with THESE TWO!  This is THE LAST TIME I'm taking THESE TWO ANYWHERE!  AHHHHHH!!  God, am I still saved??" Fast forward to....oh, about 5:30 this afternoon (BTW...5:30 is the witching hour around here.)  I'm trying to start dinner while Olivia and Davis attempt to play.  Well, playing turns into all out screaming. SCREAMING!!  S.C.R.E.A.M.I.N.G.  YELLING.  They were just getting on each others' nerves.  Then I'm screaming.  I go into the living room to find Olivia has pushed the coffee table off of the rug and she's folded and rolled the rug completely off the pad.  (Again, I have no words.)  So I get dinner in the oven.  We then had 45 minutes for baths.  I throw them both in the tub.  Olivia is mad because Davis is sitting in the front of the tub.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Fast forward.  Olivia spills chocolate milk all over her clean PJs at dinner.  Fast forward.  Olivia drops her entire bowl of ice cream in the sunroon.  I sat in the floor to feed Davis a little ice cream.  He fell TWICE mouth first onto the hardwoods because he insisted on climbing over my legs.  Of course that led to more screaming.  So, I'm signing off tonight with my brain literally vibrating.  Vibrating because of ALL THE SCREAMING I've heard today.  (There is absolutely NO volume control on Davis.  He cannot...will consoled.)  Have you ever gotten to that point?  Where you're just D.O.N.E.  Where your brain is mush.  Where it just won't function anymore?  I'M SOOOOO THERE.  I've been there for the last two days.  Case in point, I went to the grocery store late yesterday afternoon to pick up stuff for hotdogs for dinner (because I desperately needed something quick and simple to make for dinner.)  It's important to note here that we enjoy chili and slaw and sliced tomatoes on our hotdogs.  Well, I got home only to realize that I only got hotdogs and buns.  No chili.  No slaw.  No tomato.  WHAT?  THE?  HECK?  My brain is gone.  Do you know where it is?



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