Monday, August 19, 2013

Olivia's First Day of School

We've been talking about school for countless months (years, really) and it's hard to believe it's here upon us!  

We attended orientation yesterday where Olivia met her 4K teacher and saw her classroom and desk!  We also presented Mrs. C with a little treat to kick off the school year!

And this morning, Olivia woke up cheery and excited and a little giddy!  She was really looking forward to getting to school!

Last night Kevin and I prepped for a special "First Day of School" breakfast for our little "4K PRINCESS!'  

Olivia's breakfast of choice was Mickey Mouse pancakes!  Mama always made teddy bear shaped pancakes for Allison and me on our first day of school when we were young, so it was such a sweet sentiment to continue that same tradition on Olivia's big day!

Mickey Mouse and the letter "O" pancakes!

It's important to note that it rained this morning.  I mean it RAINED.  Monsoon would appropriately describe the drive to school.  The front entrance of the school was literally flooding when we arrived.  There was a "crew" of guys sweeping and squeegeeing the water away from the front door!  We had hoped to walk Olivia in and take her to her classroom this morning and take her picture, but the rain "dampened" that plan.  The school principal and director were, get this, bare foot slushing in ankle deep water carrying kids through the food into the building.  Kevin, Olivia, Davis and I were all huddled under a golf umbrella at the mercy of the down poor when the principal swooped Olivia up and off they both went.  It wasn't exactly the start of school that I had imagined, but Olivia took it well (despite the slight nervous look on her face.)  

This little guy missed his sister while she was at school!  He just looked over at her empty carseat on the drive home.

So after we picked Olivia up, she wasn't in the best of moods, unfortunately.  She was tired and ill and wasn't at all interested in telling Mommy about her big day.  I guess it was the "weight" of the day that took it's toll on her.  Mrs. C sent a note home that said Olivia had a great first day, and, finally, over lunch, Olivia said she got to play with toys from the toy box and played a Nemo game on the computer (but she did not talk to the lovely little girl that sits beside her.)

So, with that, the first day is complete.  After naps this afternoon, we're off hit up the "Golden Arches" for ice cream courtesy of Grandma! 

I spy a little photobomber!



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