Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Bedroom: A Work in Progress

We are planning to use our spare bedroom as the guest room, although, right now, it's very much in the "bare bones" category (certainly not ready for any guests.)

The plan for the bed is still in limbo.  We're considering moving our queen bed from the master up to this room and getting a king-size bed for us!  This is the ideal plan!  I'm trying to convince Kevin to go for a Sleep Number Bed.  We'll see what happens!  For now, we're rocking this futon that was Kristina's her first year or two of college.  It's the only piece of furniture in the room.

See that awful ceiling fan??  It's definitely getting replaced.  We'll be moving a white wicker armoire from my old room at Mama and Daddy's.  It will go in front of the futon/bed on this wall...

I had to do some major cleaning today in this room (see the hose for the central vac??)  I've had this room in complete chaos the last several weeks sorting, pricing, tagging, hanging, organizing and boxing   everything that Olivia and Davis have outgrown and any "baby" items we are finished with.  It will all be sold next week in the Upstate Kids consignment sale!!  (It's hard to believe the baby bathtub is going.  Even harder to believe I'm selling the Boppy.  It's the end of an era--no more babies.)  The pocket door leads to the bathroom, and the door beside the futon leads to the walk-in closet.

So this is the direction the room is going.

The yellow paint will go.  I'm considering this color...

I have a nightstand in the garage that I bought at Salvation Army a few years ago for a whopping $7.00.  I bought it to refinish for Olivia's room, but I may just paint it and use it in this room.  I'm tossing around some ideas for what to put on the wall behind the bed.

So, it's still very much a work in progress.  Plus, I'm considering what to do in the adjoining bathroom.  I'd like these two rooms to coordinate but not necessarily match.  



Friday, July 26, 2013

A Lazy Friday

So, yeah, we didn't do a whole lot today other than...

pull stuff off the shelves in the pantry,

help Mommy with laundry,

play peek-a-boo,

practice pulling up,

practice getting down,

practice squatting,

run a mile in the playroom,

do flips until we were dizzy,



be plain silly,

and ooze super cuteness!  

What a perfect day!



Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm Watching You, Mister.

Dear Mr. Squirrel,

I'm so pleased to see that you've taken such a liking to our patio chairs.  As if the sun's UV rays weren't damaging enough, the worn outdoor fabric was just no match to your large, gnawing incisors.

I must say I'm a little disappointed in your lack of manners and gross neglect of common courtesy.  I certainly can understand that your "nest" has suffered much flood damage in the last several weeks with the relentless, torrential rains we have experienced.  I assure you had you simply knocked on the front door (instead of propelling yourself upside down from the screens on our sunroom windows.  By the way, was it you that ripped that screen off the house and threw it into the holly bushes in the back yard?) and asked for "nest provisions," I could have supplied you with a considerable stack of cloth diapers that we are no longer using.  I feel confident you would have been happier with dry, cotton cloth as opposed to that soggy, synthetic stuffing you have there in your mouth.  

My heart goes out to you, Mr. Squirrel.  I can appreciate that you are simply doing what you feel must be done in order to provide for your family, but you cross the line when it comes at the expense of others.  You see, Mr. Squirrel, I have already priced replacement cushions for these four patio chairs, and it is going to cost quite a pretty penny.  I hope you have been saving your acorns.  It is only fair that you compensate us for the damage you have caused.  I expect your immediate attention to this matter, and I expect to not have this issue arise again in the future.



Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th (on the 6th)

We celebrated the 4th today with a big get together at our house!  

We had a lovely afternoon catching up with friends from our old neighborhood and getting to know new friends here in our new neighborhood.  We had right at 30 people here!

I didn't take any pictures during the par-tay, but I did take a few snaps before everyone got here.  These lovely flowers are from a delightful new neighbor.  She and her husband have an incredible flower garden, and these flowers were started in their greenhouse.  They smell Heavenly!

We were fortunate enough to have sunny skies during the party--so glad the rain held out until after all our guests left!

All the little ones had an absolute BLAST in the pool!!  

And with that, another 4th has come and gone!