Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kevin's Weekend

We're pooped!  My eyes are burning as I type this--not sure if it's because I'm tired or from all the swimming.  Hard to tell.

We started our weekend on Friday.  Kevin took the day off.  Olivia wrapped up her week of Vacation Bible School Friday morning.  Davis had a Dr. appointment.  We took the boat out in the afternoon to get it broken in for the summer.  And we all went to a VBS celebratory par-tay Friday evening.  

Davis seemed to fully enjoy being out on the boat.  He slept while we tootled around the lake, and he went swimming, too!  We stopped at a "beach" and got out to swim, and Davis sat in the sand and splashed in the water.  He loves to splash around!  Olivia is such a little "boating pro" this year!  She's turned into quite the Skipper!

Olivia really enjoyed VBS this year!  She made lots of new friends (shout out to Molly!), learned new songs, and learned that God does not give us a spirit of fearfulness, but gives us love, power and self-discipline!  

Saturday, we celebrated Kevin's 33rd birthday with his family!

And, today, we've been spending the day celebrating one great Dad that couldn't love these two kiddos any more than he already does!  And these two kiddos sure love their Daddy!

Why must the weekends fly by??  



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