Thursday, September 6, 2012

Olivia's First Dance Class

Olivia started ballet class today!

 She's been over-the-moon excited about it for weeks now.

She went out to the car, got in her carseat and buckled herself in well before it was time to leave.  She just couldn't contain her excitement!

But before we left, she did a little warming up in the driveway!

Today's class was mostly a get-to-know-you type day.  All the girls had to stand up and do a ballet twirl and tell the class their favorite color when their name was called.  Olivia said her favorite color was pink.  They went over some class rules like never go out the door without your grown-up and don't run on the special black dance floor.  They did some princess stretching and practiced following the teacher's directions.  Olivia obviously thought it was pertinent for the class to know that she got new makeup, and she also randomly told everyone that she was going to have a baby soon!  Oh the mind of a three year old!

It was a fun class!  Olivia really seems like she's going to enjoy it!  She was the star of the show (if you ask me!)  She already wants me to wash her leotard and tights in preparation for next weeks class!