Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coat Closets in Foyer: They're Gettin' There!

Yesterday didn't bring a whole lot of visible changes in the foyer.  They guys sanded the drywall and put on another coat of mud.  They moved all four lights around in the ceiling, moved the electrical outlet from inside the closet to the desk area, and installed the cable and phone jacks.

But today was a different story!  They got the doors installed along with the trim, baseboards in, and installed the cabinet and desktop!!  It looks so stinkin' good!!!  I'm absolutely loving it!

I just put a coat of paint on the cabinet door and drawer today, so those won't be ready to go on for another day or so.

I can't get a shot of both closets at the same time because there's still a plastic curtain up enclosing the foyer.  In spite of the curtain, there's drywall dust all. over. the. house.  And I do mean it's everywhere.  I'm pretty sure I've said in the past that I love home improvement.  I'm reconsidering this statement.  Just kidding (partially.)  But I will say that I most certainly love home improvement when it's finished!   

Thank you, Vanna.

So that's the progress so far!  The guys are doing a fantastic job.  You should see the corners in all the trim they've put up--absolutely perfect!  They really do great work!  I couldn't be happier at this point!



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