Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Changes to the Foyer

Work starts in our foyer tomorrow!!  (**Cartwheels**)

Our foyer is quite large (12 1/2' x 7 1/2')  That's close to 100 sq. ft. of unused, wasted space.  100 sq. ft. people!!  That's a lot!!  Really...what do you do in your foyer??  NOTHING!  And wasted space in a house bothers me.  It's like my Mama says, "If you pay to heat it, cool it and if you have to clean it, you may as well get use out of it."  Our foyer has been a waste of space for the 7 years we've lived in this house.  

But that changes tomorrow!  We have a 3-man team coming in to install 2 coat closets and a built-in desk with cabinet space underneath!

Kevin has outlined the closets and desk so the guys know exactly where we want things to go!

The two closets (that I say are coat closets, but we're not using them for hanging space.  We already have a coat closet in the hallway just off the foyer.) will be custom shelved.  Adding the closets means the pot lights along the wall will have to be moved.  We'll keep the three lights, but they'll be moved so that one light falls in the center of the desk, and the other two lights will "wash" down the fronts of each closet. The one, lonely electrical outlet along that wall will also be moved to the center of the desk area where the guys will be adding a phone and cable jack.  In the end, the foyer will also serve as our "home office" although, I don't want it to scream "home office."  The computer tower, printer and modems will be hidden away in the cabinet under the desk, and I plan to pretty-up the desk top so it looks more like a piece of furniture rather than a desk in the middle of our foyer.  I have a few ideas bouncing around as to how to do that!  We'll see what transpires!

The gigantic fish tank will go away.  In fact, Kevin is in the process of downsizing the 55-gal to a 30-something gallon tank!!  (**Cartwheels!**)  The smaller tank will sit tucked away in our dining room.

Once the closets are complete, I'll organize this chaos and get it put away in the new closets, and we'll finally have our house back to normal!  (**Cartwheels!**)

So the guys have said that by end of day tomorrow they'll have the closets studded and sheet rock put up with one coat of mud!  I'm excited!  And nervous!!  Kevin and I usually tackle projects like this ourselves, but with Davis's due date fast approaching, we decided to turn this project over to the professionals.  I absolutely can't wait to have this marked off the to-do list!



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