Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery: Crown Molding

Question:  You know the best way ever to spend your 4th of July?? 

Answer:  Hanging crown molding.

(Not really.)

 While it wasn't the best way to spend the 4th, it's so nice to have that big project marked off the to-do list!

And, by the way, Kevin is the Crown Molding Master!  

We still have to caulk around the crown and then paint it.  One thing is for sure, when installing crown molding, caulk is most definitely a must!

So, that's the nursery for now.  Once the crown is painted, I have to remove the door and paint it.  We've also purchased new, black hinges and doorknob that will be installed.  Then we can load the furniture in the room--crib, rocker, dresser, two bookcases, and the little sofa that folds out into a twin bed.  Lots of furniture.  And, if I make it that far, then it will be time to "fluff" the room!  That's my favorite part!




  1. I Love It! It looks beautiful. I just can't wait to see that little guy in there!