Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery: Ready for Davis

Kevin and I nailed down a name on Sunday.  We literally drew for it.

Kevin's favorite pick was Joseph.  Mine was Davis.  Neither of us was going to budge, so we drew for it!  

And the winning name...

Davis Anderson 

We got the second bookcase installed earlier this week, and with that, the nursery is complete!

Olivia tried out the crib yesterday (she climbed in all by herself!)

I'm not much for "themed" rooms.  Sometimes they can be a little over-the-top and a little too in-your-face "themey" (is that even a word?)  Those off-the-self crib sets that are plastered with sailboats on the sheets, sailboats on the bumper, sailboats on the crib skirt, sailboats on the quilt, sailboats on the curtains, sailboats in the pictures...AAAAHHHH!  It's just too much for me--makes me dizzy and are definitely not for me!  But I can appreciate a little nod to a "theme." 

Davis's room has a gentle nudge toward a doggy theme (without being too themey!)  And the accessories aren't too babyish either.  I tried to pick things that could grow with him and remain in the room as he transitions into a big boy room.

The closet is fully stocked after my shower on Saturday (thanks again Penny, Pam and Kennedi!)

So the room is ready!  And we've selected a contractor to start next week on adding 2 coat closets with desk space between them in our foyer.  Once that's complete, we can move all the mess out of our dining room into the new closets.  We're on the home stretch!!



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