Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery: Ready for Davis

Kevin and I nailed down a name on Sunday.  We literally drew for it.

Kevin's favorite pick was Joseph.  Mine was Davis.  Neither of us was going to budge, so we drew for it!  

And the winning name...

Davis Anderson 

We got the second bookcase installed earlier this week, and with that, the nursery is complete!

Olivia tried out the crib yesterday (she climbed in all by herself!)

I'm not much for "themed" rooms.  Sometimes they can be a little over-the-top and a little too in-your-face "themey" (is that even a word?)  Those off-the-self crib sets that are plastered with sailboats on the sheets, sailboats on the bumper, sailboats on the crib skirt, sailboats on the quilt, sailboats on the curtains, sailboats in the pictures...AAAAHHHH!  It's just too much for me--makes me dizzy and are definitely not for me!  But I can appreciate a little nod to a "theme." 

Davis's room has a gentle nudge toward a doggy theme (without being too themey!)  And the accessories aren't too babyish either.  I tried to pick things that could grow with him and remain in the room as he transitions into a big boy room.

The closet is fully stocked after my shower on Saturday (thanks again Penny, Pam and Kennedi!)

So the room is ready!  And we've selected a contractor to start next week on adding 2 coat closets with desk space between them in our foyer.  Once that's complete, we can move all the mess out of our dining room into the new closets.  We're on the home stretch!!



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery: Lamp Revamp

So, I ran into a little trouble with the nursery.  I ordered a Pottery Barn Kids crib bed skirt off Ebay.  It was the first thing I bought for the baby's room.  I like it--it's plain and simple.  Just my style!  And everything for the room kind of fell in line around the crib skirt.  Trouble is, when we put the crib together, I realized that you can't even really see the skirt.  Ugh!

So, I decided to cut the fabric off the back of the skirt--the fabric that hangs off the back of the crib.  No one would ever see it anyway.  That way I could use it in other parts of the room!

Here's were that extra fabric comes in...

I bought this yellow lamp a while ago from a local boutique consignment store pretty inexpensively.  I bought it with the intention of redoing it in pink for Olivia's room, but that never happened.  So I gave it a facelift so it would work in the baby's room.

I spray painted the lamp in Oxford Blue, and recovered the lamp shade in the crib skirt fabric.  


A pretty simple redo!  There's even enough fabric left to make a little pillow for the glider. 



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery: Furniture Load-In

Over the past several days we've been slowly getting furniture in the nursery.

The crib is in!

 The Golden Retriever pics I ordered on Etsy are hung!

Dresser is in (we just have to attach the mirror that goes on it.)

Daddy gave me this little bookshelf this past weekend.  He got it at an auction at some old school somewhere.  It's so tiny and sweet--perfect for a nursery.  It's solid wood and has the teacher's name written on the back side of the shelves. 

I made this canvas and burlap wall quote a few weeks ago.  I stenciled the quote onto burlap that I Mod Podged burlap onto.  It reads,

He must be so tall when he is on his knees, as one has said, he reaches all the way to Heaven.
His shoulders must be broad enough to bear the burden of a family.
His lips must be strong enough to smile,
firm enough to say no,
and tender enough to kiss.
His love must be so deep that it takes its stand in
Christ and so wide that it takes in the whole world.
He must be big enough to be gentle
and great enough to be thoughtful.
His arms must be strong enough to carry a little child.

Ruth Bell Graham from her book Footprints of a Pilgrim

 I came across the quote back in October--long before I knew I was prego--and instantly fell in love with it.  It's so sweet for a little boy, and a testament to the way I want to nurture and love this new baby!  There's something so remarkably  special about raising a little boy to grow into a strong, man of God with a heart that's on fire for Jesus and then releasing him out into the world. 

And, yesterday, Olivia and I worked on emptying the closet and getting all the baby stuff loaded into it.  It was a big task, and Olivia was a super, big help!

So while the baby's room is improving, the dining room is getting more and more out of control!

(Just keeping it real!)

This mess is driving us all a little crazy!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery: Crown Molding

Question:  You know the best way ever to spend your 4th of July?? 

Answer:  Hanging crown molding.

(Not really.)

 While it wasn't the best way to spend the 4th, it's so nice to have that big project marked off the to-do list!

And, by the way, Kevin is the Crown Molding Master!  

We still have to caulk around the crown and then paint it.  One thing is for sure, when installing crown molding, caulk is most definitely a must!

So, that's the nursery for now.  Once the crown is painted, I have to remove the door and paint it.  We've also purchased new, black hinges and doorknob that will be installed.  Then we can load the furniture in the room--crib, rocker, dresser, two bookcases, and the little sofa that folds out into a twin bed.  Lots of furniture.  And, if I make it that far, then it will be time to "fluff" the room!  That's my favorite part!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Addition

Meet the newest addition to the fam...

This is Pearl (although, Olivia insists on calling her Carl, so the name isn't set in stone, yet.)  She's a fancy tailed goldfish.

Olivia went out with Kevin Saturday morning on what was supposed to be a quick trip to Lowes to pick up supplies for the baby's room reno.  It turned out to also include a trip to Pet Smart which resulted in Kevin calling me, immediately putting Olivia on the phone, and Olivia asking (in the sweetest voice) "Mommy?!  Can I have this mermaid fish tank?!!!"    I just couldn't say no.

She loves her new fishy, and wants to feed her/him (Pearl?/Carl?) every 5 minutes.  You see, she had to introduce Peal/Carl to all her "friends." 

Ohhhhhhh...just what we needed around here...another fish tank.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery: Board and Batten

It's been a long, hot day.  We were up and out early ripping down plywood for the board and batten.  


Both the horizontal and vertical pieces are 2-inches wide.  We bought 2 sheets of 4' x 8' x 5mm plywood and ripped them down to size on the table saw.  The top of the horizontal boards comes up the wall 60" with 13" between each vertical piece.  

I had hoped to get the boards painted today as well, but we ran out of time.  

Once I get the boards painted, we'll be on to installing the crown molding!!  I can't wait!  I love me some crown molding!  Such a small thing, but it really does take a room from "so-so" to "oh, so good!"