Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks for Thumping Me in the Scull, God

I came across Jami's blog, hello from the Natos, several months ago.  She writes about her everyday life with her husband and three children, but the thing that continually draws me to her blog is her eloquence in how she talks about her faith.  I gain a deeper understanding about God and myself each time I read Jami's words.  

This particular thought rang especially true to me today from Jami's post, I Baffle Myself:

"i have to continue to trust that God is doing something with our suffering and our pain. 
he said that he was using it for His glory. 
i need to believe that in my heart and stop relying on other things to fix my situation. 
hell, they may never be FIXED anyway. 
that's not the point. 
God's not my genie in a bottle. 
we are here for His Glory not ours.
i must trust him when He says, this is for your good and my glory."

What a beautiful reminder of who God is and how He works.  "God's not my genie in a bottle."  Brilliant!  How often do my prayers sound something like this...
God, please...(insert something I want.)
Lord, I ask that you would...(insert something I think I need or something I think someone else needs.)
Lord, let...(insert an idea I have that I think is better than God's.)

You know what that is??  It's selfishness.  It's the need to control.  It's telling God that I know better than He.  How messed up is that?

Spiritual growth starts with confession and repentance.  So today I confess that most of my prayers are selfish and controlling.  I repent that my prayers will be more Christ centered.  I will pray for God to reveal himself to me in a very real and clear way, and I will pray for strength and faith to follow His lead.  



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