Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Chalkboard

I've been wanting to make a chalkboard for Olivia's room for months now. 

My plan has been to have this chalkboard serve as a designated place to post Olivia's memory verse from church.  NewSpring has a hands-down, A-MAZ-ING children's ministry, and every few weeks the children get a new memory verse to memorize.

So in an effort to keep me on my game, I wanted to hang the memory verses in Olivia's room to remind me every day to practice them with Olivia. 

I started with a trip to the Habitat ReStore, and found this super thin plywood.  It was 34" X 31" and about 3/16" thick.  And, SCORE!!  It was a whopping $1.00!  Double SCORE!!  It was large enough to make a chalkboard for Olivia and for new baby!

I also bought a can of chalkboard spray paint at Hobby Lobby using a 40% off coupon which made it $3 and some change!


I made my measurements and ripped the plywood down to size on the table saw.  (I'm probably the only pregnant gal on the planet that uses a table saw solo while my 3-year-old naps!  I'm crazy like that!)

This actually gave me 4 boards of equal size.


Then I used the jigsaw to cut off the corners--straight cuts for baby boy's chalkboard...


and curved cuts for Olivia's chalkboard.


Then I quickly sanded each board with 220 sandpaper.


I drilled two holes at the top of each board using a large drill bit.


Then I spray painted each board with two coats of the chalkboard spray paint.

Here's Olivia's chalkboard.  I hung it with ribbon I had laying around in a drawer that I bought ages ago with intentions of making a hair bow out of.  Seems like I paid $0.25 for the whole spool of ribbon at either GW or SA!  This was a high dollar project, let me tell 'ya!  

This morning Olivia and I worked on reciting and writing out this week's memory verse.  Now, it's out and in front of us everyday which will serve as a reminder to practice, practice, practice!!



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  1. Great verse! I love the idea that you are teaching Olivia to cherish the Word in her heart! :)