Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hold Your Nose!

Olivia went poops in the pot-tay today! First time ever! I was a little surprised when I saw it since she told me she had pee-pees to put in the potty. My initial response was, "Yeah!! What a good girl!" But then I realized I had to clean it out of the "little" potty. UGHHHH! Not fun. Either way, whether in the diaper or in the "little" potty, it's still a gross mess to clean up.

The wind is whipping here tonight. Tomorrow is trash day, so I've already put our big trash can out at the end of the driveway (you just never know when the trash guys are going to show up on Thursdays. It could be at 7:20am or 7:20pm.) I bet the wind has blown that trash can half way down the street by now. That would be a special treat since Olivia suffered from diarrhea Monday and Tuesday and the trash is full--I mean full--of unspeakable grossness.

I just thought I would share!



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