Friday, September 2, 2011

First Friday

Today marks the first Friday of the Clemson football season!

Clemson opens the season tomorrow at home against Troy.

One!-Two!-Three!-Four! One!-Two!-Three!-Four!
C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-Rrrrrrrrr-S! Fight, Tigers! Fight, Tigers! Fight! Fight! Fight!

As is tradition, the start of Clemson football is marked with the First Friday parade immediately followed by the pep-rally!

I haven't been to a First Friday festivity since I was a student at CU, so it was high time I go and take Olivia, too!

That's my little Tiger!

If I had a VW Bug, it would soooooo be Clemson orange!

I remember the floats of my day being bigger and grander.
Budget cuts hurt everyone!

Only at Clemson!

This was Olivia's favorite float!
We love us some Christian chicken!!

This dog deserved a float of his own!
I wonder if Bailey would let me paint him up like a Tiger??
This would be too cute for Halloween!

After the parade, we walked around on Clemson's "sacred soil" (Bowman Field) where Olivia wanted to get in on a volleyball game with some big boys (they looked to be CU seniors.)

Then we ended up at the soccer field for the pep-rally!

Our last stop was the football stadium (i.e. where magic happens in Clemson!)

Her blood runneth orange!

Clemson football is finally here!



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