Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Knew?

Olivia and I struck out this afternoon on a little errand run. I needed a few home improvement supplies (sandpaper, caulk, paint rollers) and household items (TP and paper towels) so unfortunately a trip to WalMart couldn't be avoided.

I was also on a mission to find three light-blue hand towels to finish accessorizing Olivia's newly revamped bathroom, so a quick trip to WalMart turned into an all out shopping marathon. After sprinting in and out of Target, TJ Maxx and Kohls with no luck, I gave up.

Here's the real kicker. As I put Olivia in her car seat just before heading home, I caught a glimpse of myself in the car window. It's important to note here that Olivia has been sick with a cold, so she's had a runny nose. So, anyway, in my reflection, I see what I thought was a big bump on my right cheek. When I got in the car, to my horror, I see what the "big bump" was. It was a huge, smeared and dried-up booger!! I can only guess that the booger was not my own and that it in fact belonged to the little girl I carried through all of Target, TJ Maxx and Kohls. Best part is that I don't know where or when that booger jumped onto my cheek, but I'm sure lots of people were thoroughly grossed out by it.



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