Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Picnic Play-Date

Picnics are the norm around here.

Olivia loves to have picnic lunches out under the big, shade trees in our front yard. But today was a little treat for her. We met our friends and neighbors for lunch (picnic style, of course) and played in homemade bubbles and fed the ducks!

Our "friends from th' hood" Hampton and Hudson (and, not pictured, Mrs. Heather.)

Our homemade bubble solution consisted of:
1 part liquid dish soap
1/4 part light corn syrup
8 parts water
(Thank you Dixie Delights for the recipe!)
Mix and throw it in a mop bucket for "buckets" of fun!
(Nothing short of high-class around here!)

Olivia likes the ducks/geese to have whole pieces of bread.
There's no time for pinching off little pieces!

Olivia and Hampton also had fun playing on the roots of this tree (until, of course, the inevitable happened, and Olivia slipped and face-planted in the dirt!)

It was a fun play-date, ya'll! We'll do it again next week!



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