Thursday, June 2, 2011

Get On the Home Goods Train!

I love to go to Home Goods. The unfortunate thing is that, for me, it's hard to get away so that I can go by myself. Or with my Mom. She's the only other person on the planet that would go with me because, like me, she doesn't mind spending an afternoon in one store sorting, and pouring and deliberating on everything in the store!

I can't take Olivia. She would whine. She wouldn't sit in the buggy, she wouldn't sit in her stroller, she wouldn't want to walk and she wouldn't want to be held. It's an impossible situation.

I can't take Kevin. He would whine. Then he would say, "That's how much?!" And I would roll my eyes. And Kevin would get mad and go out to sit in the car. It's an impossible situation.

Anyway, so, Mama, if you're reading this, we should set up a date to go to Home Goods. Just the two of us. Because we're two partridges in a pear tree when it comes to shopping. Because you won't whine or roll your eyes. And because I love ya!

Everyone can check out Rhoda's blog at Southern Hospitality. She's giving away a $100 Home Goods gift card! I've already entered to win, and you can, too! Good luck to ya (but, really, I hope I win :) )



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