Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's just painfully cruel how quickly a vacation passes by.

We've really had a great time. The weather has been perfect so far. We've packed our days with trips to the beach, playtime at Harbour Town, chill-axing at the house and more trips to the beach!

We went over to Lawton Stables yesterday afternoon to see the animals. They have horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, donkeys and a llama! They even have a deer that walks freely within the animal enclosure. It's a pretty neat place to visit.

Look at this horse! He's my favorite horse on the planet! He's mammoth!

This horse was so funny. You see how he's biting the fence?? He would snort and bite and pull at the fence like he was going to escape! Look how he's pulling the top rail away from the post on the left! This kid wasn't messing around!

I was scared he would break the fence and there would be a stampede of freed horses running out at me!

Today, we went to Harbour Town pretty early and let Olivia play on the playground. We climbed the Lighthouse and just hung out until lunch time and had lunch at the Quarter Deck. We're back at the house now while Olivia naps. Later it's out to the beach!

This child is such a monkey!

Olivia says, "Giddy up!" when she rides the car!

There are always impressively large boats in the harbour, but this one takes the cake! I've never seen a boat (or, excuse me, yacht) so behemoth anchored at Harbour Town!

We saw this boat pull out of the harbour as we were eating lunch, and we counted 6 deckhands. Six deckhands! Can you imagine?!?

The next few pics are not my own. I just wanted to give you an idea of just what Harbour Town is and what it looks like. Maybe you'll see just why we love coming to Hilton Head and staying in Sea Pines.

Photo source.
The Harbour. The lighthouse is in the upper left corner.

Photo source.
The shops along the Harbour. If you visit here you'll want to find an empty red rocker and sit for awhile as you take in the scenic harbour view! (Wow! That sounds like a line straight from a tourist guide! I should provide the literature for tourist pamphlets!)



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