Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun at the Farm and at the Water Park

We're pooped! We have been on the go all weekend.

Saturday morning we went to Split Creek Farm which is a goat farm that makes their own goat milk, cheeses, yogurts, fudge and so forth and so on. They had a little festival on Saturday where they allowed the children to go in the baby goat pins and play with the baby goats!

We went with some friends from the "hood" and had a great time!

Olivia was more interested in playing in the bubbles than seeing the animals.

We'll definitely go back and take Olivia. Plus, we'll have to go back to get some of their feta cheese--it's scrum-diddily-umptious!

We also had a "soft opening" today at the Water Park!

The princess pool is a hit, Uncle Scott! And it has a slide!! doesn't get any better than that!

Please join us Memorial Day weekend for the Grand Opening!



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