Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Life Changing, I Tell Ya

I came across two things yesterday that were life changing.

First of all, these little thing-a-ma-jiggies. I picked these organizers up at Wal-Mart yesterday for $6 (I think) for a pack of 3. Best $6 that I've ever spent!!

They hold everything that I use on a daily basis, and everything is super duper accessible! Again, it's the smallest things that make me the happiest!

They were really easy to install. It required a level, drill for pre-drilling the holes and a screwdriver. I didn't use the screws that came with them because they were too long and would have protruded through the cabinet doors. Definitely didn't want that! So I used shorter screws that we already had.

~~I heart these!~~

And something else that I came across (completely unrelated to home improvement) was the Opt Out Prescreen website. This is a site that allows you to complete a form in order to "opt out" of credit/insurance preapprovals. Kevin and I are daily (and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. DAY) inundated with preapproval letters from credit card companies, and everyday, I have to open them, sort them, shred them, recycle them.

Soooo annoying!

Not to mention the fact that it's dangerous having those letters sitting around in your mailbox. All it would take is for someone to get their hands on one of them and be dishonest with it (i.e. get the credit card in our name and start using it unbeknownst to us.) So I completed the form online to stop the preapproval letters! The site says it may take a few weeks to see a reduction in the number of preapprovals being delivered to our mailbox, and that's OK with me. I'm overcome with anticipation for the day when the mailbox won't be overflowing with all that junk mail!

It's life changing I tell, ya. Life changing!!



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