Monday, February 7, 2011

A Great Find!

I just love a bargain, and this one is too good not to share! I'm so happy about it! Nothing like some good ol' retail therapy to heal the soul!

I've been looking at new dining room furniture. Kev's parents gave us their set several years back when they bought themselves new furniture. We have been very grateful to have it over the years, but it's time to get something of our own.

I've been looking on craigslist for a dining room set. In fact, I'm kinda addicted to craigslist right now. I want new furniture, but I really get sick at the thought of spending thousands to get it. Plus, I don't mind the "hunt" for a bargain--in fact, I really like it!

So on Saturday, I was breezing through Greenville on the way to meet Mama, so I stopped at Home Goods, and I found this china hutch. I saw the price tag had $700 on it, so I just walked right on by. It was a pretty hutch, but I wasn't interested in paying $700 for it. But on my way to check out, I stopped and looked at the hutch one more time and noticed there was a second price tag with $300 on it!! Score! Now we're in business! The endorphins started firing in my body, and I was on a "bargain high!" Plus, I got a Home Goods credit card and saved an extra 10%!

Hutch = $270 = MIN E!!

Kevin found the hutch and the matching table and chairs online, and the hutch retails for $1300.00! WHUUUUUTT?!?

I couldn't be happier with it! There's plenty of storage for all our china with room to spare (even room for the china pieces that have been stored in our master closet!) Here's some pictures.

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