Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathroom Reno: Day 5

Lots of progress in the bathroom!

It hasn't even been a week, and I'm already soooo over all the dust!

Good news is that things are moving along. Kevin got all the old back splash tiles down this weekend and got the holes in the sheet rock patched.

Yesterday, I got the doors and drawer fronts off the vanity and got everything cleaned and sanded.

Olivia did a little redecorating of her own yesterday...


Today, I primed!

The vanity already looks more substantial in the room. I can't wait to see it black! I'm on the hunt now for clear, glass knobs to go on it! They are ridiculously expensive. I found some at Hobby Lobby that I like--around 5-bucks a knob. Crrrrazy! They'll be half-off at some point--just gotta be patient. $20 for knobs sounds a whole lot better than $40!

Oh, and here's what Bailey left for me...


As if I don't have enough to do.



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