Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bathroom Reno: Day 12

Olivia has been such a big helper through this whole bathroom project!

I can see her being the next Amy Wynn!

By looking at the bathroom you would think there hasn't been much progress. Not a lot has changed in the big scheme of things. Just a lot of prep, sanding, digging out old, cracked caulk and 2nd coats of paint.

I finished all the sanding! I think I've dug out all the old caulk. Let me just say that stuff is the Devil! The tip of my index finger has suffered permanent never damage from pressing down so hard on the razor blade. My finger has been numb for days. I swear I've dug out miles and miles of caulk.

I got a second coat of black on the vanity and doors. I'm thrilled to say that a 2nd coat is all it will need. After the 1st coat I was sure it would need 3 total. I'm glad I was wrong!

And my patience paid off on the glass knobs. Yeah for Hobby Lobby! They had all their decorative knobs 50% off this week! SCORE!!

Today, I painted the bathroom door (the one I took off the hinges by myself!) Mama shared a little trick with me--a real time saver when it comes to painting doors! Just put 2 nails in both the bottom and top of the door, and let the nails rest on your sawhorses. This allows you to paint the front and back of the door all at once instead of waiting for the paint to completely dry on the front before flipping the door over to paint the other side! Great trick!

And here's another one for ya! Use a plastic bag as a paint tray liner! Cause it's FREE!!

What's that?? Yes??...HGTV!? Why yes, I'm available to host your next new show!! When do I start??



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