Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's Already Over?

How is it even possible that another Christmas has come and gone?

Maybe it seems to fly by because we stay so busy!

I know I've never cooked so much in all my life! That's the truth.

In fact, I turned on the stove yesterday to get our Christmas dinner started, and the stove just laughed at me. Said it was tired of cooking and it was on vacation because, after all, it was Christmas! Then I kicked it and threatened to punch it where the sun don't shine--right in its digital display-- and it decided to cooperate, and Christmas was saved!

As I was cooking one of what seemed like 114 casseroles this week, I was thinking about how a girl can measure her progression into adulthood by her contributions to holiday meals. When you're in college, you're still under that "not-quite-an-adult" umbrella, so you're off the hook as far as food contributions go. You get out of college and get engaged, and you can still get by with not cooking. You get married and the pressure starts to set in. You feel you have to contribute something! The good news is that at this stage in life it would be perfectly acceptable to offer something store-bought--something from the bakery or a nice tray from the deli. You have a baby, and the pressure builds a little more. Now it's time for something homemade (you better have a small arsenal of fool-proof recipes to pull from!) You'll still be in the clear, at this point, to just bring one dish because, after all, you do have a baby at home. But once the baby isn't a baby anymore, all bets are off, and, Honey, you're considered a real, full-blown grown-up so get in the kitchen and make a casserole or 60!

Now, please understand, I'm not saying this out of anger or malice or because I feel I should be exempt of such practices. I simply see this as a truth.

It's a rule.

An unspoken manner that I picked up in my southern up-bringing.

It's what makes the world go 'round.

It's what prepares you to one day be able to coordinate and make your own big, holiday spread for your family.

It means you can finally graduate from the kiddie table to the adult dining room.

I think it means that I became a big girl this Christmas.




I was going to post Christmas pictures but somehow got off on a cooking tangent, so I'll have to post pics later.

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