Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Big Family Visit

Ok. So I'm finally getting some pictures posted from Jeff and Shannon's visit. We really enjoyed our weekend with you guys. Our only regret is that we don't do it more often. Olivia wants to know when Caroline, Molly and Anna are coming back to play! We're glad that Grandma, Papa, Scott, Kristina, Nick, Kaitlyn, and Megan got to come on Saturday, too!
Kristina and her boyfriend Nick.
Poor Nick. He'll never be the same after his trip to SC.

Everybody playing in the yard.

Kaitlyn's got the ball!! Goooooooo!

Molly, Caroline and Megan playing.

Aunt Kristina and Anna.

Oh my goodness!
This is how we do hayrides in SC--it's called working with what you've got.
This is why I say Nick will never be the same!

Molly and Olivia being too, too sweet!

Caroline in the pumpkin patch.
That's a good looking pumpkin!

I just love that little pumpkin!

We played in the hay!

Molly and Anna goofing around!

Caroline got brave and jumped off a mountain of hay!
That's what country air will do for a girl!

The sun setting over the corn maze at Denver Downs.
P.S. Sorry I flubbed up the gravy! The next time you come, we'll order in!



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