Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

We're in Hilton Head for Thanksgiving.

Today has been busy with lots of cooking, but we did manage to make it to South Beach to let Olivia and Bailey run around.

The weather is gorgeous--blue skies, 78 degrees. It's beautiful, but certainly not the weather I'm accustomed to on Thanksgiving. Kevin on the other hand has spent many Thanksgivings on HHI as a kid visiting his grandparents, so he's used to this weather.

It's kind of a big deal to me that we're here and not with family. I've never had a small Turkey Day. The majority of my Thanksgivings have been spent around Granny and Papa's kitchen table, and, then more recently, at Mama and Daddy's. Of course, we've also spent the day with Kevin's family, too, but never by ourselves. So this year is certainly outside of the traditional.

Here are some pictures of Olivia at the beach earlier today. The water was chilly, but she obviously didn't feel the cold. We didn't plan on her getting in the water which is why she's dressed in her clothes. Needless to say, everything ended up soaking wet, but she had a blast!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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