Saturday, November 6, 2010

Balloons Over Anderson

Another fine, family-must-do--Balloons Over Anderson.

Wooooo hooooo!

Boy, oh boy, these South Carolina events just keep getting better and better!

Olivia had a good time. Her favorite part was riding Thomas the Train around the Fairgrounds!

Note: Thomas the Train consisted of a Craftsman riding lawnmower with a Thomas the Train "body" over the top followed by the riding cars. Ghetto!

Wait! This brings something else to mind involving a riding lawnmower. Can you say ghetto hayride?!

We were able to get up close and personal with a hot air balloon basket.

Olivia was excited to see all the balloons lying deflated on the ground.

There was even a Clemson balloon!

You could even take a quick ride in a tethered balloon, but this chick wasn't going there!

Or there was the option to take a helicopter ride. I was more apt to take the helicopter (although, we didn't) because there's more of a sense of safety when you're relying on a motor instead of just hot air.

This one flew right over our heads which Olivia thought was cool! She loves "copters!"

Enjoy the pics of our outing!



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