Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Lot Can Change in a Week

A switch has been flipped in Olivia.

Perhaps it's a precursor to the dreaded terrible twos.

Allison warned me this would happen back when Sarah started her terrible twos. She said, believe it or not, one day my sweet little girl would turn into a little terror.

And she has.

It started on Monday. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and she was horrible! She screamed when I put her in the high chair.

And she screamed.....and she screamed.

I felt so sorry for the people around us.

And the next day she had a tantrum at the grocery store. A lady picking up a carton of milk looked at me and smiled and said that one day I would miss these days.

She's probably right.

And the last few nights, Olivia has woken up in a fit. She goes from sleeping one second to sitting up and screaming in a tantrum.

She's like a different child all of a sudden.

Even Kevin was frustrated last night. And Kevin NEVER gets frustrated with her. That was the first time in her eighteen-month existence that she's been able to push Daddy's buttons.

This too shall pass. It's just hard to believe that my sweet, little peanut can be such a little monster!



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