Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Favorite Summer Salad

It's funny how food can take you back to a different place and time. Kevin and I first had this salad together many, many years ago--before college graduations, before marriage proposals, before honeymoons, before acquiring a mortgage and certainly before becoming parents.

Way back when we were foot-loose-and-fancy-free college kids, Kevin had a roommate, Marcus, a grad student from Germany, that lived with him and his other roomies for a short time. Marcus' girlfriend, Meli, also from Germany, came to visit, and she made this salad. I immediately fell in love with this deliciously, simple salad. I still make it and still love it!

I will title this salad as ...

Meli Made Me This Salad and I Love It


If you make it today, you will love it too!

1 head of Romane Lettuce
1 cucumber
grape tomatoes (as many as you like)
a few handfuls of corn kernels (I've used frozen corn and defrosted it, canned corn drained, but the best is cutting fresh corn right off of the cob!)
feta cheese (as much as you like--Everything is beta with feta!)

I make a huge bowl of this salad, and we eat it for days as a quick lunch or as a side with dinner! I also sprinkle mine with fresh cracked pepper and the tiniest bit of ranch dressing. So good!! You know, I just remembered that I introduced Meli to homemade Oreo milkshakes, and she llllooooooooovvveeeeedd them. Do you think she's in Germany now making "Leigh's Famous Oreo Milkshakes" for Marcus and their 2.2 children they had after Marcus finished grad school and proposed and they got married and bought a house?? I wonder??

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