Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Perfect Day!

Happy Good Friday to everyone! Today couldn't have been a more perfect Friday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous--sunny, clear skies and not too hot. Just the kind of spring day that I love.

My day started rather early. Olivia decided to get up and going at around 6 am. I got her up, changed her pee-pee diaper and made her juice-juice. She immediately pooped (it must take a clean diaper to inspire one little girl to go poo-poo.) So I changed her diaper, AGAIN! She watched a few cartoons while I worked on her breakfast. She ate, and she pooped....AGAIN! So I changed her diaper, AGAIN! Such a lovely start to a lovely day!

Skip ahead.............We all loaded up and went to Lowes before lunch. Everybody and their mother was at Lowes today--the place was CRAZY! We picked out some "produce" (as Kevin called it) to plant in my "garden." This is my first time planting a "garden." Really, I don't know that slinging a few plants on the berm between our yard and our neighbors yard qualifies as a real garden, but I'll continue to refer to it as my "garden." And who knew there are a billion different types of tomatoes!? There's Big Boys, Better Boys, Rome Grape and so on and so on. I just picked something and kept moving. We also got Italian Parsley, cucumbers, hot banana peppers and several types of lettuce. Aaaahhh.....there's nothing like a salad made with lettuce fresh out of the garden.

Mama and Daddy have a garden every summer, and their garden is the real deal. A few summers ago, they planted lettuce. At first, I thought it was an odd thing to grow, but I was sold as soon as I ate it! Soooooo good! Weird, huh?? I mean, lettuce isn't a food that necessarily falls under the umbrella of foods that I love, but fresh lettuce straight from the garden is totally different that anything you'll get at the grocery store. I hope my lettuce doesn't die!

After Lowes, we came home and made lunch. Because it was such a beautiful day, we ate outside on the deck. Olivia seams to really love eating outside, and Kevin and I really enjoy it, too. We try to take advantage of these mild, spring days while they last before the temperature gets unbearable. Then we lathered Olivia up with some SPF, and we played and played! She was all over the yard. It's amazing just how far her little legs will take her. We played in her playhouse and splashed around in her play sink. She had a blast!

Kevin cut the grass while Olivia took a nap. I got started on planting the "produce" we got from Lowes. A neighbor stopped by and chatted for awhile. Kevin took my car to get the oil changed, and, as a bonus, brought ice cream home! I finished some other yard projects that I've been working on for several weeks now. I replanted some lilies and FINALLY got all the monkey grass replanted. I was tired, sweaty and dirty!

By this time, Olivia was up from her nap. Kevin brought her outside and she ran around bare-footed. She's a true outdoor kinda girl which I just love about her. We did some more playing and running around until time to start dinner. Dinner was simple and the perfect spring meal--grilled chicken, slaw and roasted potatoes. All of the recipes are from the April issue of Southern Living. We grilled and ate dinner outside. I told Kevin that I really enjoyed the day today. We spent a lot of family time together, we played hard with Olivia and we both got a lot of work done in the yard. I'm closing out the day with a great sense of accomplishment, and, that, I just love.



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